What’s Causing My Shoulder Pain?

September 25, 2015
G2 Admin

Do I Have A Rotator Cuff Injury?

Why do I have this shoulder pain?

Help – I can’t lift a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator! I can’t hook my bra!

Are you having problems putting away a dish in an upper cabinet? If you are female are you having trouble hooking your bra or drying your hair?

When simple everyday tasks like these become uncomfortable or near impossible, it could be the result of a torn rotator cuff.  As we age, sometimes this joint gives out and needs repair.

What Is A Rotator Cuff?

Sometimes called a rotator cup by patients, the rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons which stabilizes the shoulder and allows you to move your arm away from your body. The rotator cuff is a capsule with fused tendons that supports the arm at the shoulder joint. In short, it’s the rotator cuff that allows your range of motion such as lifting a gallon of milk, rotating your shoulder to blow dry your hair or lift your arm for swimming laps.

If you’re feeling moderate pain in the shoulder area and having just a bit of trouble raising your arm, then it’s likely a superficial injury and ice/rest should make it better in a few days.  But if you are experiencing pain on a regular basis or modifying the way you perform daily tasks because of pain in your shoulder, you may have a more serious injury and should see a doctor.

Dr. Goradia with G2, is a shoulder specialist and has helped thousands of patient get back their ROM (range of motion). Based on his evaluation he might suggest physical therapy and in other cases recommend minimally invasive surgery.
If you are tired of shoulder pain, and looking for a successful solution with short recovery time, call today to make an appointment with Vic Goradia for an evaluation.