RVAstretch: Building Community Through Stretching Exercises

February 24, 2023
G2 Admin

G2 Orthopedics is dedicated to helping people stay active, and we believe that stretching is an essential part of healthy living. That’s why we’re partnering with America’s Healthiest City in creating the RVAstretch initiative. In this blog post, we will share more about the initiative, as well as general information about the benefits of incorporating stretching exercises into your daily routine and why we’re committed to making Richmond a healthier city for all. 

What is RVAstretch?

RVAstretch is a community-wide initiative with a two-fold aim. The first aim of RVAstretch is to foster community building as participants throughout the greater Richmond area join together to take a stretch break each day at 2:22pm (or 2:22am if you’re a third shift worker!). The second aim of the initiative is to boost awareness of the importance of stretching and movement as it relates to the overall health of our city. 

Throughout the initiative, G2 Orthopedics will provide resources to help Richmond residents remember to stretch and also tips for how to do so effectively. Information from guided stretch videos to step-by-step illustrations will be shared on G2’s social media channels and various other platforms so be sure to follow along as we work to get Richmond stretching together every day.

Why RVAstretch?

Dr. Vic Goradia of G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is passionate about enabling people to continue practicing and thriving in the sports and physical activities they love. And that means not only providing effective, caring orthopedic services when pain and injuries happen, but also working to educate the public on ways to reduce the occurrence of injuries. 

RVAstretch was born out of the idea that by educating the public on how to live a healthy lifestyle, Richmond residents can continue, or begin, doing athletic and recreational activities they enjoy. By partnering as an Ambassador for America’s Healthiest City in this endeavor, G2 Orthopedics is also working to make Richmond the healthiest city in the country by 2033 as measured by the World Health Organization’s metrics for urban health.

Why 2:22?

2:22 stands for G2O, or G2 Orthopedics, and is easy to remember. It also happens to fall at a perfect time to break up the long period of time between lunch and the end of the workday. While most working individuals will be able to join us to stretch at 2:22pm, we invite night and shift workers to stretch at 2:22am or whenever they find time during their workday.

The Importance of Stretching Exercises for Long-Term Health

Over 80 percent of contemporary jobs are sedentary or involve only light activity, and sitting for long periods of time poses a number of health risks. When we sit for long periods of time, our muscles become more likely to pull, cramp, or strain when stretched suddenly. Negative effects of sitting have been equated with those of smoking or obesity and include problems that can arise in the body anywhere from your head down to your toes.  

Stretching daily can not only help keep you flexible to offset the effects of stiff muscles, but it can also get blood flowing throughout your body, which can improve brain function and overall physical and mental health. Stretching helps increase your range of motion, decreases pain and soreness after exercise, and can help improve your posture. These benefits to your overall health have a direct effect on your ability to engage in physical activity and to reduce your risk of injury when you are active. Desk stretches are easy to do right at your workspace and can help make a difference in your physical and mental health, from improved mental focus while at work to better physical performance when exercising or playing sports. 

How to Join In and Get the Most Out of RVAstretch

We invite anyone and everyone to follow along as we join together as a community to improve the health of all Richmond, VA, residents. To get the most out of RVAstretch, follow our social channels for ideas for stretching exercises, prompts for desk stretches, and other fun resources to get you moving.

Encourage others to join you as you engage in RVAstretch! RVAstretch is meant to be a community-building campaign. Asking your coworkers and friends to join you in taking a stretch break every day at 2:22 will not only be a fun way to connect with your network, but it will also motivate you to keep stretching. You can share selfies, strategies for remembering to stretch during the day, or other things that motivate you to take a stretch or exercise break. If you post on social media, remember to add #RVAstretch to your posts to keep the momentum going! 

Considering the wide array of benefits that daily stretching has – from desk stretches to breaking up sedentary work periods to cool down stretches after an intense workout – we hope you’ll make stretching a part of your daily routine and encourage those around you to do the same. We’ve tried to make this easier for you with RVAstretch so we hope you’ll join us everyday at 2:22! And if you find yourself experiencing knee, shoulder, elbow, or ankle pain, we hope you’ll trust G2 Orthopedics with your joint care and call (804) 678-9000 or complete the form to request an appointment. Happy stretching, Richmond!