Tricep Tendon Tears

Treatment for Torn Tricep Tendon

What is ACL Preservation Surgery?

ACL Preservation, also known as PRESERVE ACL Repair Surgery, is a recently popularized surgical procedure wherein a patient’s torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is attached back to the femur bone. This treatment makes it possible to treat about 30% of ACL injuries in instances where the ligament tears away from its natural attachment to the femur.

Symptoms of a Torn Tricep Tendon

The triceps tendon can tear from an injury or from overuse. An injury can occur when pushing with the arm while straightening the elbow. This can cause the triceps tendon to tear off of its attachment on the point of the elbow (olecranon bone). Repetitive weight lifting or other activities where the elbow is pushing against resistance can cause partial tears of the triceps. Over time these partial tears can become larger and painful. Most patients complain of pain and weakness with day to day activities and pushing motions.

Torn Tricep Tendon Treatment & Recovery

Partial tears of the triceps can be treated with rest from movements that cause pain or weakness, ice and anti-inflammatory medications. In some cases physical therapy may be prescribed. Patients are permitted light pushing activities when they are pain-free. If pain and weakness persist for 6 weeks or more, an MRI will be ordered and surgery will be scheduled.

With complete tears of the triceps, the surgeon can often feel a hole in the tendon and there is severe weakness. This requires surgery to reattach the tendon to the bony tip of the elbow (olecranon). 

For partial and complete tears, sutures are placed in the triceps tendon. The sutures are used to pull the tendon down to the bone with an anchor. After surgery, a hinged brace is applied to the elbow. Over the coming 4-6 weeks, the brace is adjusted by the surgeon to gradually allow full range of motion. Physical therapy may be prescribed after the brace is removed. If there is full pain-free motion and good strength, patients can resume full activities 6 months after surgery.

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