A senior couple goes for a morning jog. Dr. Vic Goradia of G2 Orthopedics serves many active senior adults with joint issues such as arthritis.

Jude M.

G2 Admin

After a sports related knee injury, I went to the first doctor I could get an appointment with in Richmond. Upon finding out that I had torn my ACL, I scheduled surgery for two weeks out. During those two weeks I learned of Dr. Goradia (who was not my original doctor) and the newer treatment he is able to provide for ACL tears called ACL Preservation surgery. I called Dr. Goadia’s office thinking there would be no chance for him to fit me in prior to my scheduled surgery to see if I was a candidate. Not only did he fit me in, but he spent time going over my MRI in detail and laid out all of the surgery options to me so I could understand them and feel comfortable with my decision. Fortunately, I was a candidate for the ACL Preservation surgery and he was able to make room for me in his schedule the following week to do the procedure (1 day PRIOR to my original surgery date!). I have since been back for all of my follow up appointments and all of the staff at G2 are friendly, helpful, timely and knowledgeable. I would recommend G2 Ortho and Dr. Goradia to anyone!