A senior couple goes for a morning jog. Dr. Vic Goradia of G2 Orthopedics serves many active senior adults with joint issues such as arthritis.

Debbie M.

G2 Admin

I was going to another orthopedic and when they saw my CT scan they weren’t sure they could even help me with my shoulder or do surgery. A friend of mine suggested going to Dr. Goradia and when I saw Dr. Gordian he did a CT scan of both my shoulders and he felt that he could do a reverse total shoulder replacement. I had my right shoulder done first and was so impressed that I went back and had my left shoulder done. My left shoulder was one of the worst shoulders he had ever seen. I am now in recovery and will be going back to work. Dr. Goradia is the best Orthopedic doctor that I have ever seen. He very caring and understanding G2 Orthopedic and doctor Gordadia help me get my life back . I’m able to move my shoulders and sleep without pain. Thank you G2 and Dr. Goradia for all you have done for me.