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“After visiting multiple orthopedic surgeons in the Richmond area I feel I found the one that truly listened to my concerns and allowed me the time to understand my individual situation. I did not feel rushed or patronized but rather valued. I greatly appreciate the expertise and guidance to move forward in a stronger healthy way.”

Debbie M.

“I was going to another orthopedic and when they saw my CT scan they weren’t sure they could even help me with my shoulder or do surgery. A friend of mine suggested going to Dr. Goradia and when I saw Dr. Gordian he did a CT scan of both my shoulders and he felt that he could do a reverse total shoulder replacement. I had my right shoulder done first and was so impressed that I went back and had my left shoulder done. My left shoulder was one of the worst shoulders he had ever seen. I am now in recovery and will be going back to work. Dr. Goradia is the best Orthopedic doctor that I have ever seen. He very caring and understanding G2 Orthopedic and doctor Gordadia help me get my life back . I’m able to move my shoulders and sleep without pain. Thank you G2 and Dr. Goradia for all you have done for me.”

Carlos T.

“Dr. Goradia did a LTKR for me in May and I have to say that the process of getting back on my feet and back to a somewhat normal life has been easy to accomplish. I had a Meniscus repair done on the same left knee in February that ended up causing more issues than it fixed. That procedure was performed by a different Orthopedic Surgeon and after trying to get them to look deeper into the issue I saw Dr. Goradia for a second opinion. He was very patient with me and after reviewing a second MRI we determined that due to the level of stress fractures and other damage to the knee the best course of action was a total knee replacement. He made sure I understood everything that was going to take place and just how important certain aspects of my recovery would be. His skill as a surgeon is some of the best I have experienced and I would see him again for any other ortho needs that may arise. If you are living with shoulder/hip/knee/ankle pain that needs to be addressed he is the surgeon you want in your corner. Don’t put off getting any issues corrected. Get them corrected and start living again!”

Stephen A.

“I know this sounds crazy but I had a terrible broken big toe last year. Black and blue all the way up my foot. I wouldn’t usually go to the doctor for a broken toe but the pain was unbearable. Everyone at G2 was sooooo helpful and professional and fixed me right up! Would recommend to anyone!!! A+”

Sheri C.

“Great doc and surgeon. Explained everything to me in very clear terms, awesome follow up and great support staff.”

Stacey L.

“I had knee surgery and now I am pain free. Dr. Goradia is very attentive and listens. His staff is great and the office is very clean. Thank you Dr. Goradia for giving me back my quality of life!”

Jude M.

“After a sports related knee injury, I went to the first doctor I could get an appointment with in Richmond. Upon finding out that I had torn my ACL, I scheduled surgery for two weeks out. During those two weeks I learned of Dr. Goradia (who was not my original doctor) and the newer treatment he is able to provide for ACL tears called ACL Preservation surgery. I called Dr. Goadia’s office thinking there would be no chance for him to fit me in prior to my scheduled surgery to see if I was a candidate. Not only did he fit me in, but he spent time going over my MRI in detail and laid out all of the surgery options to me so I could understand them and feel comfortable with my decision. Fortunately, I was a candidate for the ACL Preservation surgery and he was able to make room for me in his schedule the following week to do the procedure (1 day PRIOR to my original surgery date!). I have since been back for all of my follow up appointments and all of the staff at G2 are friendly, helpful, timely and knowledgeable. I would recommend G2 Ortho and Dr. Goradia to anyone!”

Liz G.

“I’ve had 4 surgeries in my life (not including this one) and have spent 19 years in the military (so you know how many doctors I’ve seen). Dr. Goradia is the FIRST doctor who has ever actually listened to me.”

Joe M.

“Very friendly and welcoming staff. Dr. Goradia was very personable to speak to and gave me the information I needed to feel comfortable moving forward with my treatment.”

Rich F.

“Dr Goradia and his staff are polite and professional. Dr Goradia is doing everything he can to fix my knee, so I can get me back to the activities I enjoy. I highly recommend G2 Orthopedics.”

John R.

“Better than expected results with my second rotator cuff surgery. The first surgery was done by someone else. Very strict rehab protocol is a great benefit.”

Michael S.

“I was unable to enjoy golf and was unable to do push-ups for my Army Physical Fitness Test. The surgery was great. The flexibility came back right away and now I am enjoying golf again. Dr. Goradia and his staff are incredible. I would recommend them to anyone who has pain!”

Ricky B.

“Dr. Goradia did surgery on my left shoulder in 2007 and left elbow in 2012. I’m back to full activities and enjoying my golf game with the family. All of Dr. Goradia’s staff are always friendly and caring.”

David B.

“Dr.G and his staff have exceeded expectations. Sabreena and the Nurse staff were informative, helpful and responsive.”

Chris Y.

“Physical fitness has been my profession for 24 years. My business and clients depend on my ability to demonstrate physically challenging exercises. I had put off having surgery for years because I was concerned about the recovery time and how it would impact my business but with the limitations of my injury beginning to impact my livelihood, I finally reached a point where I had to do something. I specifically chose Dr. Goradia based on his experience and credentials in sports medicine. I had surgery on a Friday and returned to work the following Monday. As for my procedure, Dr. Goradia ‘rocked it’ and I would gladly recommend him to any of my clients.”

John W.

“My dear friend just suffered an extremely painful knee injury tonight at her volleyball game. She was rushed to the hospital where they told her that they are about 99% sure she tore her ACL. After my experience with it and my experiences with you [G2], I immediately told her that she should take a visit to your [G2] office Saturday morning since you offer the free clinic for athletes. I’m really hoping you can treat her and get her back on her feet as quickly as you did with me, if not faster. I told her that I highly recommended you and that you were a guaranteed result just from my experience.”

Donnie L.

“I have had trouble with my knees for years and got to the point of constant pain. My parents took me to other surgeons but they were skeptical about being able to fix my knee. After spending hours online researching numerous physicians throughout the area, Dr. Goradia’s experience really stood out. I’m happy I took the time to choose the best place for my care. After surgery and rehab I’m now able to play high school volleyball.”

Ashley W.

“I tore my ACL during a high school All-Star Soccer game. After 2 months of conditioning at college, my knee was giving out and causing a lot of pain. A friend recommended Dr. Goradia. I was able to get an appointment quickly and an MRI the very same day I saw him. Six months after ACL surgery I was back to playing soccer!”

Katie D.

“I tore my left ACL in 2009 and was diagnosed by Dr. Goradia during a school physical. I was worried I would be out from cheerleading for years but was back just 4 months after surgery. When I tore my other ACL a few years later, I returned to Dr. G and had another great result.”

Rebecca S.

“Dr. Goradia has helped me by repairing my knee, and I had an easy recovery. Yes, I am back on the job, playing basketball! He told me exactly what to expect after my surgery. When I returned for my following visits he showed genuine concern and explained to me in detail every workout I needed to do for a full recovery.”

Shawndalyn C.

“At first, I went to an orthopedic practice close to home. I felt more like a number than a patient. A close friend recommended I see Dr.Goradia for a second opinion. The great staff and personalized treatment I received at G2 made the drive from Brandermill to Chester worth it. After having knee surgery with Dr.Goradia, I am back on my exercise bike.”

Karen M.

“I dislocated my knee cap during school track. The pain I experienced was so bad. I decided to go to Dr. Goradia since he had treated my cousin. After my surgery, I worked very hard in physical therapy so that I would be ready for fall sports. The head therapist, Mike Hathaway, worked with me and showed me exercises that I could do at home as well. Everybody has been really great and I’m excited to get back to playing sports this year.”

Elizabeth H.

“Dr. Goradia is always nice and professional and straight to the point. Appointments are very efficient, not a lot of sitting around and waiting.”

Shaquana R.

“This is my first visit to this office and really had a pleasant experience all the way from front end staff through doctor. People are very professional, cordial transparent and jovial too. Dr. Vic. addressed my medical challenge very professionally and helped me to understand better even with my silly questions. I certainly recommend them.”

Tupurani S.

“Terrific experience. Listened to my concerns, laid out three options for treatment, spent time answering all my questions, then fully supported my non-surgical treatment choice. Also, was accepting of my rehabilitation treatment being performed by my chiropractor (as opposed to a physical therapist). For me, it was a two hour trip to his office, but it was well worth it for the care I received.”

Richard M.

“It’s no fun going to see an orthopedic doctor because usually you’re in pain, but Dr. Goradia and his staff made the experience good. I would give the visit 5 stars and here’s why: my wait was short, the staff was friendly and efficient, and I felt like Dr Goradia truly listened to me as I explained my knee problem. He came up with a course of action that I am confident in.”

Tim G.

“My experience at this location has been very pleasant. The staff is welcoming and efficient. You are made to feel special. Your questions and concerns are readily addressed. One receives very good care.”

Audrey H.

“Dr. Goradia had done my ACL replacement in 2019 and everything healed up fantastically well, so I called to see him when my other knee started bothering me this week. I was able to get an appt. the day after I called. Everyone was friendly and professional, just like Dr. G. After xrays, and physical examination, we ruled out surgery, discussed treatment (cortisone shot and home PT exercises) and I was on my way! Feeling better already the next day and I’ll be back on the tennis courts this weekend. I highly recommend this practice!”

Lilia D.

“My visit with Dr. Goradia was seamless. His team was professional and kind. The onsite, quick x-ray was very convenient. Dr. G spent time talking with me about options for treatment and I left my appointment better educated about my condition and the options for my path forward.”

Karen B.

“The staff and doctor were extremely attentive. I did not feel rushed or looked down on. The Dr. took time to listen to my concerns and explain to me what the diagnosis might be and what needed to be done. Would definitely recommend going to them”


“The staff in the Orthopedic Department has always been prompt, kind and professional. Both my surgeon and physical therapist were the best!”

Judy F.

“After visiting multiple orthopedic surgeons I the Richmond area I feel, I found the one that truly listened to my concerns and allowed me the time to understand my individual situation. I did not feel rushed or patronized but rather valued. I greatly appreciate the expertise and guidance to move forward in a stronger healthy way.”

Debi M.

“They very friendly and patient. They have a lot of knowledge and makes you very comfortable. A family feeling at this location.”

Sean C.


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