Reverse Shoulder Replacement Rehab Protocol

General Principles:

We have provided the following protocol for reverse shoulder replacement rehab. Though the recovery times noted below are generally applicable, please note that reverse shoulder replacement surgery recovery time may vary among individuals. Most patients will work with a physical therapist twice per week for the 12 weeks following surgery. Your physical therapist will instruct you on how to perform the exercises outlined in this reverse shoulder replacement rehab protocol.

Reverse shoulder replacement rehab, shoulder dislocation, and other injuries require treatment and care for full recovery.Man playing tennis clutches his shoulder. Shoulder dislocations and torn shoulder labrums are common injuries Dr. Goradia of G2 Orthopedics treats. Schedule your visit today!

Beginning the Day After Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Patient should progress towards active and passive range of motion (AAROM and PROM) as follows:

  • Full forward elevation
  • 30 degrees of external rotation (ER)
  • Internal rotation to the same side buttock

Patient should work on strengthening the shoulder with focus on:

  • Rhomboid
  • Lower trapezius
  • Deltoid

Patient may use the affected arm for activities of daily living (ADLs) from “waist to face” and may lift up to ~1-2 lbs initially.

Discontinue sling after 24 hours.

1-2 Weeks After Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Follow up with Dr. Goradia

At 6 Weeks After Surgery

Progressive strengthening with focus ER, flexion without upper trapezius substitution, deltoid, lats and scapular muscles

At 12 Weeks After Surgery

Discontinue formal PT
Home exercise program