MotionIQ home recovery post outpatient surgery g2 orthopedics and sports medicine
When it comes to knee or shoulder pain, G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine leading expert surgeon, Dr. Goradia doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach to treatment. He evaluates all options: repair, replacements, outpatient surgery, and non-surgical treatment options for each patient. Each patient is fully evaluated with care and attention so he can make the right diagnosis. Treatments plans are completely individualized for all of our patients treating many knee & shoulder injuries.

One option that Dr. Goradia offers (if recommended) is his Outpatient Surgery for Knees & Shoulders. With this treatment, patients have the option of a same-day knee or shoulder replacement. The entire process is less than 8 hours and patients can be safely discharged home the same day as surgery, without being admitted to a hospital. Patients can then recover in the comforts of their own home and also do physical therapy right in their homes. Each patient is carefully evaluated before surgery to determine if they are the best candidate for Outpatient Knee or Shoulder Replacement. During this evaluation, Dr. Goradia uses the Outpatient Arthroplasty (i.e. replacement) Assessment Score also known as the OARA Score developed by Dr. Meneghini from Indiana to identify patients that would have lower risk factors for outpatient joint replacement. Learn more about the assessment here.

Patients will also receive 1 or more physical therapy visits before surgery so they are aware and well educated of the exercises that are needed after the surgery for their recovery process. Next, each patient is enrolled in our MotionIQ system, where each patient receives regular communication and instructions from Dr. Goradia. Thanks to this system, information about each patient’s recovery can be sent to Dr. Goradia to monitor remotely reducing the need for extra hospital visits and follow up appointments.

The MotionIQ is a patented sensor technology that allows continuous monitoring of rehabilitation progress and exercises. It also allows for ease of communication with Dr. Goradia and patients to engage in consistent communication for optimal recovery. With MotionIQ Dr. Goradia can review the daily exercises and activity, gauge your range of motion, pain scores for pain management, and provide you with answers to any questions you may have during your recovery process.
With this platform, Dr. Goradia can send tailored and customized messages and instructions while you are in the comforts of your own home. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to use for all and after the surgery the following day a home nurse will check in to ensure there are no complications or risks. Patients are consistently monitored to ensure the best recovery process from an Outpatient Knee or Shoulder Replacement Surgery.

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Also, we utilize the latest technology for patient communication, education, and surgical recovery.
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