Meniscal Repair With Arthrex SpeedCinch

October 24, 2015
G2 Admin

Dr. Goradia is a consultant for Arthrex Inc. the world’s leading manufacturer and inventor of orthopaedic medical devices.  He co-invented the Arthrex Meniscal Cinch used by surgeons around the world for repairing a torn meniscus and developed several surgical videos used for educating surgeons in advanced techniques in knee and shoulder arthroscopy.
The SpeedCinch brings meniscal repair to a new level of effectiveness, safety and speed.  The ergonomic handle design allows for true one-handed use with minimal deployment steps. The low-profile needle actively deploys small implants with limited needle exposure. The low profile 2-0 FiberWire® with a pre-tied knot tensions easily and facilitates secure, low-profile, vertical or horizontal suture repairs.

Get The Right Meniscal Tear Diagnosis & Treatment

If a meniscal tear isn’t diagnosed and treated properly it could lead to arthritis later.  If you think you might have a torn meniscus or have been told you need meniscus tear surgery contact Dr. Goradia with G2 Orthopedics today.  He can accurately diagnose the tear and recommend the best treatment plan.  In many cases he can see patients the next day.
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