Dr. Anson K. Chu


Dr. Anson Chu is a fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon with a strong interest in foot and ankle arthritis, fractures and sports injuries. Raised in Plano, TX, Dr. Chu earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Texas at Dallas. He later attended a podiatric medical school, Rosalind Franklin University, where he developed a strong passion for patient care and graduated as a member of the Pi Delta Honor Society. He later completed a comprehensive surgical residency program at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, where he served as Chief Resident. 

Dr. Chu has trained under renowned foot and ankle surgeons at the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center in Columbus, OH, and later completed his fellowship in foot and ankle reconstructive surgery at Coordinated Health-Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem, PA. Over the course of this fellowship, Dr. Anson Chu focused on primary and revision total ankle replacement, trauma and acquired deformities, treating Lehigh University athletes across all sports.




Dr. Anson Chu’s hobbies include:

  • Playing basketball (real life and fantasy)
  • Collecting sports memorabilia
  • Traveling
  • Playing the piano


Committed to finding the best possible treatment plan for each patient, Dr. Anson Chu exhausts all conservative measures before resorting to surgical intervention. Excellence in patient care is of the utmost importance to Dr. Anson Chu, and he is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest research in his field in order to ensure each patient’s treatment is implemented with the best approach for their needs, lifestyle and goals.


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“Dr. Chu saw my 12yr old daughter for a recurring foot issue that no one could give us answers about. He was so kind and talked directly to my daughter asking her the questions first and then asking me if I had anything to add. It was such a nice experience for her to be treated with this kind of respect. Dr Chu was very knowledgeable and explained things to us with ease. I am so happy we went to see him. Highly recommend.”

Courtney G.

“Dr. Chu and his staff have been nothing short of professional. They are prompt, courteous and take the time to explain the options, procedures, and rehabilitation process. I had a very good experience.”

Michael Z.

“I have had multiple surgeries on my right foot with continued pain. I went and saw Dr. Chu and he is fabulous he evaluated my issue and performed a surgery that corrected all my issues. I’m finally pain free wish I had found him years ago. He took time to talk to me and go over options and concerns, never rushed my visit. Again BEST doctor ever. Thank you Dr. Chu!!”

Caryn G.

“Dr. Chu is phenomenal! My surgery was a success and I feel great now that I am through the healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Chu for orthopedic needs in regard to feet. He has excellent bedside manner, offers well informed options, and is a terrific surgeon. I am so glad that I chose him for assistance with my broken foot.”

Kristen A.

“Dr. Chu operated on my foot to remove a stray piece of bone and repair the tendon that it had damaged. The surgery went great, the incision has healed smooth and with physical therapy, I am back to normal with no more pain. Dr. Chu was attentive to all issues and questions that I had during this whole process. Highly recommend!”

Mark M.

“Dr. Chu is the best. I would highly recommend him for an Achilles’ tendon repair. His people skills are patient-friendly.”

Mike K.

“Dr. Chu always provides excellent service and advice in healing and recovery of my post achilles tendon surgery.”

Keith M.

“Dr Chu really listen to me as patient . As a 27 Year service member he is one of the first doctors to listen to me . I love his support.”

Derrick O.

“I required two foot surgeries after a bad fall. Dr. Chu has been very helpful throughout the process and always provides an excellent level of care and ensures all of my questions are answered at each appointment.”

Cheryl J.
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