Elbow Treatments

Relieving Pain and Restoring Function to Get You Back in the Swing of Things

Surgical And Nonsurgical Elbow Treatments

Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

Despite the name of these conditions, any activity that requires repetitive use of the elbow can cause tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. Elbow treatments initially involve rest and ice to control the pain followed by a stretching and strengthening program.
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Biceps Tendon Tears

For distal biceps tendon tears, or biceps tears at the elbow, Dr. Goradia uses specialized techniques. This allows some patients to begin range of motion exercises as soon as 1 week after surgery.
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Triceps Tendon Tears

Dr. Goradia will begin by diagnosing the type and extent of the tricep tendon tear. Your personalized treatment plan may involve nonsurgical treatment for partial tears and surgery for complete tears.
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Meet Dr. Goradia

Dr. Vic Goradia treats biceps and triceps tears & tennis elbow

Dr. Vic Goradia of G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Richmond, VA, is highly trained and experienced in conditions that affect the elbow joint as well as elbow treatments. He treats a full spectrum of elbow injuries, from acute pain caused by an accident to chronic pain that may be a result of overuse, inflammation, or arthritis. Elbow treatments range from nonsurgical therapies to surgical repairs when necessary. Each of our patients is unique and the road to a full recovery begins with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Goradia uses advanced imaging techniques to identify the cause of pain and works with each patient to develop an elbow treatment plan that restores function and quality of life.
Headshot of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Expert, Dr. Vic Goradia.