Common Football Injuries & What To Do Next

September 9, 2019
G2 Admin

Common Football Injuries

We’ve got much to look forward to during the Fall season. We are excited about apple picking, the leaves changing colors, and FOOTBALL! As we all know, fall time is commonly associated with back-to-school and a popular sport… football. While football is a highly enjoyed sport it is also considered a dangerous sport. It’s been noted that no matter how many regulations are set in place, football-related injuries will still occur. The hardest thing for any team is to get through a season without players being injured.

So, if you have a child planning to play football this school year make sure you are prepared for any injury that may occur and have a good plan in case of an injury. At G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, our award-winning sports medicine specialist Doctor Vic Goradia can see injured athletes the same day or next day.  Learn more about Dr. Goradia

In football, the most known and common orthopedic injuries are knee injuries such as ACL & meniscus tears and shoulder injuries such as dislocations, separations and rotator cuff strains.

In the knee, the medial collateral ligament or MCL is the most commonly injured ligament; fortunately, most of these sprains will heal with a brace and not require surgery. The ligament tear that most commonly requires surgery is the anterior cruciate ligament also known as the ACL.

An ACL tear can occur in several ways:

  • Rapidly changing directions
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Landing the wrong way from a jump
  • Direct contact, collision or fall, like a football tackle
  • Hyperextending the knee

To restore knee function and stability, an ACL Reconstruction is usually required. Dr. Goradia is an expert in ACL Surgery including ACL reconstruction and PRESERVE ACL Surgery developed by him. Make an appointment with Dr. Goradia at G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine for a customized plan for your football injury. Book Appointment Now.

Shoulder injuries are also common in football as the injury may occur from falling on the arm or taking a direct blow right through the shoulder pad. While most hits are deflected by the shoulder pads, some blows can lead to an injury if a hit knocks the player down.

Common Rotator Cuff Injury Symptoms:

  • A popping sound or tearing sensation in your shoulder
  • A dull ache deep in the shoulder
  • Pain at night that prevents you from sleeping on the affected side
  • Muscle weakness, especially when lifting the arm

G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine offer a wide variety of treatment options ranging from cortisone injections to arthroscopic surgery. Depending on the type of tear the treatment option will vary. That is why Dr. Goradia at G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine doesn’t work in a one-size-fits-all approach to shoulder, knee and other injuries. He takes the time to fully evaluate each patient, makes the right diagnosis and develops a customized treatment plan.

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