ACL Preservation Info for your ACL Injury – An Infographic

January 8, 2015
G2 Admin

ACL Preservation is a new and exciting advancement for treating ACL injuries. Three factors supporting this treatment are advancement in diagnostic imaging, the precision of arthroscopic technology, as well as the rehabilitation approaches after the actual procedure itself. In the past, if there were a small tear of the ACL, the entire tissue was removed and replaced. Despite the fact that the majority of the tissue was perfectly fine, it was being removed … and that’s tragic. It’s not what most orthopedic surgeons would consider ideal but they didn’t have a better option. This is especially important since the ACL is responsible for stability in your knee joint.

Thankfully, as the term suggests, ACL Preservation allows you to “Preserve” your ACL tissue and do so with faster recovery times, less pain, and ultimately providing a more natural feeling in your knee. Find ACL Preservation info and how G2 Orthopedics’ surgeon utilizes the technique on our website.

ACL Preservation allows you to keep your own ACL tissue with less invasive surgery than the traditional ACL reconstruction and also offers great results.